Some of Nan & family's fun shopping trips around the world

Montenegro                                                                             Serbia

DSC_2767 - Copy DSC_2941 - Copy

Bosnia                                                                                        Croatia

DSC_2547 - Copy DSC_1941

Slovenia                                                                           Washington DC

DSC_3242x 2014-08-23 12.57.26

Maryland - Hobo Flagship Store                          Alex and Ani Signature Stores

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New York City, New York                                                         Paris, France


Ireland                                                                                           Ireland

Fort Wayne, Indiana                                                                 Palm Springs, California


Germany                                                                                       Gozo

Nan in Germany Nan in Gozo/Malta

Shopping in Dubai (Nan has never met a stranger!)          Monte Carlo, Monaco


Krakow, Poland                                                                         Tokyo, Japan

2009 Poland 2008 Tokyo

Hilton Head, SC                                                                         Hawaii

2011 Hilton Head 2006-08 Maui Hawaii

Everglades, Florida                                                               Montreal Canada

2010-07 Marco Island Florida Everglades 2010-05 Montreal
Cambodia                                                                                      Cambodia

Nan's daughter Jeanan shopping in Cambodia

Italy                                                                                               Germany

Nan in Rome, Italy 2006 Germany

Rome, Italy                                                                                  Rome, Italy

2006 Rome Italy 2006 Rome Italy

Reno, Nevada                                                                              Red Plate Factory in Germany

Nan in Lake Tahoe Nan at the Red Plate Museum in Germany

New York                                                                                      New York

New York 2011 New York 2011

New York                                                                                      Kyoto, Japan

Nan in New York Nan's daughter Jeanan in Tokyo, Japan

Morocco, Africa                                          Krakow, Poland                                       Greece

Nan in Morocco, Africa Krakow, Poland Nan in Greece
Andorra, Andorra                                                                    Lavender fields in Provence France

Andorra 2011 Provence France
Lavender fields in Provence France                                     Lavender fields in Provence France

France Provence France Provence

Portofino Italy                                                                           Portofino Italy

Portofino Italy Portofino Italy

Puerto Rico                                                                             Puerto Rico

2009-10 Puerto Rico 2009-10 Puerto Rico

St Petersburg, Russia                                                            Moscow, Russia

2004 russia 2004-11 Russia

Moscow, Russia                                  Quebec, Canada                                          Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2004 Russia Red Square 2010 Quebec Canada Fairmont Hotel
Banff, Canada                                                                              Canada

Beautiful Banff, Canada Canada

Lake Tahoe, California                                                                Lake Tahoe, California

Nan in Lake Tahoe 2005 Lake Tahoe CA

Spain                                                                                              Spain

Nan in Spain 2007 Spain
Portugal                                                                                         Portugal

2007 Portugal 2007-05 Portugal

Moracco Africa                                                                           Salzburg, Austria

2007 Moracco Africa Europe 2009 821

South Carolina                                                                            Boerne, Texas

Nan in South Carolina
Virginia                                                                                        Spain

Nan in Virginia Nan in Spain
Vatican                                                                                          Malta

Nan at the Vatican Nan in Malta

Oahu, Hawaii                                                                             Scotland

Hawaii Scotland

Maui, Hawaii                                                                              Lanai, Hawaii

2002 Hawaii 2011 Lanai Hawaii Fairmont Hotel pool

England                                                                                     Stonehenge, England

England England
Turkey                                                                                     Brugge, Belgium

Nan in Turkey Nan in Belgium
Russia                                                       Petra, Jordan                                        Austria

Russia Nan in Petra - Jordan 1996 austria

Israel                                                                                        Finland - Shop owners playing dress-up.

Nan in Israel Nan in Finland

Seattle Washington                                                                  Massada Israel

Seattle Masada

San Francisco, CA                                                                    San Francisco, CA

2010-9 San Francisco CA 2010-08 San Francisco

Arkansas - Nan's birthplace state                                       Holland - many many years ago 🙂 Always been a shopper!

Nan in Arkansas Nan in Holland