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FarmHouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze

Honey Heel Glaze from FarmHouse Fresh is a scrumptious bottle of love for heels and toes. FarmHouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze is a divine honey-based moisture serum that seals in moisture and brings rich color back to tired, dry feet. It's been called the Instant Pedicure. Simply brush on and rub into feet for chalkless bliss - no more white ashy look! (We hear it's fabulous on dry knuckles and elbows too!)
This golden jar is a true guilty pleasure from the first moment you let it breathe - fragranced with velvety cinnamon notes, sweet cloves and actual honey. The finest of moisturizing elements have been incorporated from genuine honey, and aloe leaf juice to pineapple and papaya fruit extracts.
Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze is ultra-smooth, non-greasy, and addictive in every way. Includes application brush in a darling gift box to delight your gift recipients.
96.2% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh products, Honey Heel Glaze is paraben & sulfate free. Gluten free, not vegan due to containing real honey. Recyclable glass jar.

InStyle Weddings Magazine said " Honey Heel Glaze uses the sweet stuff for this nongreasy moisturizer that revives stilleto-fatigued feet."

Real Simple Magazine said, " Happy Feet: Brush this rich salve, which contains honey, over dry skin and cracks to soften and seal them."


FarmHouse Fresh Body Milk Cream

This delicate Farmhouse Fresh body moisturizer pours over you like milk, and leaves light velvety notes of warm sweet cream. A true treat to moisturize each morning. The scent takes you away to a fine morning tea, with scones, heavy cream  and great gal pals. Pretty in style, but developed for supple skin.
Choose from two signature Farmhouse Fresh jar styles, a decorative glass cruet that is gorgeous for  gifts, or our new glass milk jar with twist top that's perfect for  travel. Both jars include a charming "Our Cows Eat Cookies" gift box for gift giving delight.
Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk is 90.5% natural. Vegan, gluten, paraben and sulfate  free. Packaged in endlessly recyclable glass containers.
Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk is infused with multiple natural oils: Vitamin E-rich Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Sweet Almond, Avocado and Sesame Oils.
Both recyclable bottle styles contain 10 oz of sweet cream body milk.

Featured in In Touch Weekly Magazine where actress Courtney Cox expressed her liking for FHF Sweet Cream Moisturizer!
Courtney said " It seems milk really does a body good"

FarmHouse Fresh Whoopie Cream Whipped Body Cream

FarmHouse Fresh Shea Body Butter whip is a jarful of joy! Lightly scented with fond memories of white velvet cream and moist layer cake, it is hard to resist as a start to each morning... or a sweet farewell to each day.
Inspired by the famous comfort treats -Whoopie Pies. Farmers would find the handmade creamy cake-like delights in their lunchbox and shout "Whoopie!"
We hope this every day cream becomes your every day delight, too... The supple butters and Vitamin E packed Jojoba and Soybean oils calm even the severest of dry skin.
A giftably gorgeous 10 ounce signature Farmhouse Fresh glass jar and fun box makes a pretty keepsake.
90% Natural, vegan, paraben, sulfate and gluten free. 100% Recyclable glass jar.


FarmHouse Fresh Whoopie Cream was awarded "Most Valuable Product" from Redbook Magazine! Drench yourself in irresistible YUM


FarmHouse Fresh Natural Foot Scrub

An Oprah O-List favorite, these FarmHouse Fresh foot scrubs are a deceivingly serious scrub that rubs and refines your skin into a silky softness you've simply never felt before!
Made from the finest grain fresh sea salt and uniquely formulated around rice bran oil for its exceptionally high amount of vitamin E. Lightweight, non-greasy and so additively yummy, you'll keep a jar by every sink and bathtub!
Each glass jar is hand assembled, and includes a wooden spoon for scooping.
Oprah loved these scrubs!  Oprah: "Here's a trio of foot scrubs that smell so good, i'm ready to serve them over berries! Rice Bran oil is the secret weapon that delivers concentrated moisture to feet, knees, elbows, and hands."

Farm House Fresh Yogurt and Honey Mask

We  all need a nourishing night in! And this one will be sure to please! FarmHouse Fresh active yogurt mask is a Skin Tightener - Super Hydrator - Redness Reducer - it just won't do dishes!
Pajama Paste Facial Mask is a natural, fresh-blended pot of active yogurt, cooling bentonite clay, wild honey and oats that instantly soothes, softens and refines skin. Utterly scrumptious smell aside, this magic mask deep cleanses pores, temporarily shrinking the look of them!
You will feel the gentle tingle as Pajama Paste works. Once it dries, and you wash off Pajama Paste, your face feels dewy, refined and pores are minimized - plus you wake up looking just as radiant the next morning! Pajama Paste is recommended for all skin types, at least once per week.
99.6% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh products, it is Paraben and Sulfate Free. 3.25 oz.
Recyclable glass jar with 14-18 applications.

FarmHouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil

Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar instantly zoomed right to the best seller list at Crave and for good reason, a scent everyone loves, and gorgeous glowing skin are the happy result of using FarmHouse Fresh Agave Nectar Body Oil.
If you love a deep-soaking, luscious after-shower body oil, Agave Nectar will love you back! The scent is heavenly light - an oat and milk scent that women and men alike adore.
But Agave Nectar is so much more than a body oil. Made with a special blend of extracts tested and proven to reduce the rate of your skin's water loss - one of the culprits in signs of aging. Barley, Sandalwood and Amurense bark combine with Agave Nectar and a blend of natural oils to deeply hydrate without a greasy after-feel.
This bottle of glistening comfort even turns white in the water, so any droplets on your clothing or sheets remove clean in the wash. No staining. How brilliant! 4 oz pump top bottle.
Redbook Magazine Just in! Get Kim Kardashian's glistening skin with FarmHouse Fresh's Agave Nectar Oil!

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